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2021 Board of Directors Nominations

The Minnesota Patriot Guard is in the process to elect two persons to fill the expiring terms of Chris Hawver and Greg Matthiesen on the Minnesota Patriot Guard Board of Directors.

After reading of the following, we'd like for you to nominate either yourself or another member that you feel possess the qualifications needed for these positions. Please be sure the nomination online form is filled out completely. The person who's terms are expiring can be renominated and re-elected to the Board of Directors.

  • Nominations are open to midnight 23 April 2021.
  • We will post the names of the qualified nominees, along with links to resumes and pictures of those nominated by 24 April 2015 on our website's sidebar area.
  • Please make your opinions about the nominee's known to your Ride Captain as they will be representing you as part of the selection process.
  • The Leadership Advisory Committee (as listed below) will be voting online 07 May 2021, They will be voting for 2 persons that will be recomended to the current Board.
  • Then after the current Board of Directors votes whether or not to accept the recommendation of the Leadership Advisory Committee, the persons elected will be posted on our website.
  • The new board members will assume their position on 08 May 2021.

    The following are requirements for nominee’s for Minnesota Patriot Guard (MNPG) Board of Directors:
  • All nominated people must have agreed to have their name in nomination. So ask before you nominate anyone.
  • The nominee must be willing to undergo a felony back ground check.
  • The BOD does a lot of business via email, so the nominee needs to have internet access and be able to comunicate via email (the MN Patriot Guard will provide an email address for the nominee’s term).
  • Any former State Captain, Assistant State Captain, Senior Ride Captain, Sector Ride Captain or Assistant Sector Ride Captain that has either voluntarily resigned or was removed from a Leadership position and desires to be a member of Leadership again, must have approval from the State Captain, Assistant State Captain and all Senior Ride Captains before candidacy will be considered.

  • The purpose of the Board of Directors is "To provide oversight of the MNPG business operations to support the mission needs in Minnesota and develop MNPG policies that are complementary to the Patriot Guard Riders, Inc, mission."

    The Board of Directors consists of the; State Captain, Assistant State Captain, Senior Ride Captain Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, and the 4 At-Large Positions elected by the Leadership Advisory Committee. Other than the At-Large positions these are standing positions to the Board of Directors.
    The Board of Directors shall be charged with the following key responsibilities:

    1. Set, approve, communicate and ensure adherence for the MNPG organizational vision, strategy, goals, plans and budgets.

    2. Establish policies, and ensure management systems are in place for compliance.

    3. Annually elect the officers of the MNPG (as those positions are defined in Article IV of the Bylaws of the MNPG) and which include the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Officers may be members of the Board of Directors, but are not required to be. If an officer is not a member of the Board, they may participate in meetings of the Board but shall have no vote on Board actions. The Board shall hold its annual election of officers as soon as is reasonably possible after the annual election of Board members has been completed.

    4. Conduct meetings at such times and places and by such means as determined by the President following the procedures as set forth in the Bylaws of the MNPG. These meetings may be in person or by telephonic methods provided a quorum of directors are participating. A quorum is 80% of the directors then in office which equates to six (6) Board members. A majority of the Board members present at a meeting are required to conduct business. (In other words… if there is a quorum of 6 members, a vote of at least four (4) will be required for action to taken at a meeting. If all Board members are present at the meeting, quorum is met and a majority is still 4 members.)

    Any action that can be taken at a meeting of the Board can be taken by a written action signed by all Board members or by authenticated electronic communication by the number of directors that would be required to take the same action at a meeting of the Board of Directors.

    5. Approve or make appointments of the following positions and roles including, but not limited to the following:
    • State Captain
    • Assistant State Captain
    • Law Enforcement Coordinator
    • Public Affairs Coordinator
    • Store Coordinator
    • IT Coordinator
    • Librarian/Historian

    6. Approve major engagements in public policy and other external affairs activities.

    7. Establish, and hold the all officers and positions of Leadership accountable to measures of organizational performance.

    8. Ensure appropriate management of major risks (including risks to the MNPG’s name, reputation, and intellectual property).

    9. Set policy and criteria for management and distribution of the MNPG's financial assets, and monitor performance against these policies and criteria.

    10. Preserve the MNPG's core philosophical tenets, its non-confrontational style, and its willingness to take well-considered risks, consistent with its ethical standards, to accomplish its missions and programs.

    11. Establish contacts with other groups that support the organization’s core mission objectives, and work with appropriate Leadership as deemed necessary to accomplish MNPG’s mission.

    12. Create and maintain policies for developing the Board of Directors, including recruitment, tenure, leadership, board structure and composition, and board assessment and evaluation. A board assessment shall be completed at least once every two years.

    13. Help raise funds for MNPG.

    14. Position the MNPG as a highly effective, reputable and credible non-profit organization.

    The Board of Directors of the MNPG shall discharge their duties in good faith and with a significant degree of diligence, care and skill and shall:

    1. Be committed to, and understand, MNPG’s mission, strategy and values.

    2. Assume responsibility to be fully informed of major organizational issues, including finance and audit and have a thorough knowledge of duties and provisions within the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

    3. Make a significant commitment of time for meetings of no less than two meeting per calendar year, and for periodic consultation with the State Captain and other senior Leadership. If unable to attend, shall show a valid reason for absence.

    4. Keep informed of the general activities and operations of programs.

    5. Use established and appropriate systems of communications to present and resolve problems within the MNPG and register dissent in the meeting minutes or by other forms of communication.

    6. Avoid any semblance of self-dealing or enrichment and discourage any transactions between board members and the MNPG unless conducted entirely openly and pre-approved by the Board of Directors.

    7. Possess experience or knowledge in at least one of the following areas: governance of for-profit or not-for-profit organizations, experience with the MNPG, relevant mission expertise; significant understanding of financial management; or audit, compliance and risk-management.

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    Who will be voting for the new Board members and recomending them to the current Board?

    Those listed below are the Leadership Advisory Committee and they are the people that will be voting on the recomemndation being forwarded to the Board of Directors in this election.

    The Leadership Advisory Committee shall include the following positions:

    • SRCs (Senior Ride Captains)
    • RCs (Ride Captains)
    • Law Enforcement Coordinator

    The one's that are selected will have their name forwarded as recommendations to the current Board of Directors which will vote on whether to accept the recommendation of the Leadership Advisory Committee.

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