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If you want to be notified about MN Patriot Guard in Minnesota and get information for Missions and Events in Minnesota regularly, Please read the following before clicking the "ADD" button toward the bottom of this page.

We need a Minnesota zip code, we need it to assign you to a sector so that you get the updates for your area. If you are from a bordering state like Iowa, N.Dakota, S.Dakota, Wisconsin, or in Ontario please lookup and use the nearest Minnesota zip code. To lookup Zip codes Click here.

All boxes with an * are required information. Phone number(s) would only be used if required to get a hold of you in case of an emergency change in mission plans. Invalid and/or false submitted names and email addresses will not be used.

The Minnesota Patriot Guard communicates mainly by email and with the webpage. If you don't have email it is highly recommended that you do. Below are a few free email providers, You can click on one to get a free email account and address, then return to here and finish the signup form.

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Even though we do not use our email list for things other than official Patriot Guard business, we can not guarantee complete privacy. Phone numbers are not required, they would only be used in cases where something on a mission had changed or for emergency contact. Do not enter unlisted phone numbers.

We encourage you to also register on the National site if you have not done so already. Once you have finished here, you will have the opportunity to join the nat'l site too. information page when you leave this page.

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If you have unsubscribed through the link in the newsletter and are rejoining the MN Patriot Guard email list. Due to Anti-spam rules we can not add people once they have un-subscribed, but you can by clicking here. Make sure you follow the whole process. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the system won't let us re-add people once they have asked to be removed from the list.