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Ceramic Coffee Tumbler with Leather Wrap - Close Out Price $10.50

This is my favorite of the Travel Tumbler - great for carrying to work in the morning - The ceramic tumbler not only keeps the coffee hot but also keeps any metal taste from the coffee. The lid has a clip that keeps the coffee slide open as you tip the mug to sip your favorite hot beverage. The sleeve is embossed with the MN Patriot Guard Logo and keeps it from getting too hot. Since this tumbler is breakable it belongs in your car/truck - not on the bike. Dishwasher safe and microwavable without the sleeve or lid.

Minnesota Patriot Guard Ceramic Cup:

Stainless Steel Travel Cup - Close out Price $12.75

This is a Thermos Brand Stainless Steel, foam insulated travel mug with a plastic insert. This 16 oz Travel Mug comes with a locking top and slide to minimize any spills. This is the Travel mug to take on the bike. The MN Patriot Guard logo is in full color and repeats around the mug. This is a great way to acknowledge the Patriot Guard Riders where ever you ride.

Stainless Steel Travel:

Water Bottle Clip Holder Close Out Price $2.00

Summer is coming and these water bottle holders are GREAT to have on the Flag line. The soft plastic end slips over the lid of the water bottle and holds it while the other end clips onto your belt loop or vest and leaves you with your hands free and yet is right there when you need a drink. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated on the flag line in the summer, this helps you keep a bottle of water handy

Water Bottle Holders with MNPGR Logo:

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