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One of our enduring symbols is that of "Captain Democracy" at the Mission for LCpl Daniel Olsen standing in the icy, cold, wind at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

LCpl Olsen's family had received this picture and sent it to the Marine unit Daniel served with in Iraq. It was there that the name Captain Democracy was given to Jeff "Stretch" Hom as they printed it and hung it up for everyone to see and remember Daniel.

As time went on the family was able to meet Stretch in person and formed their own bond with he and his family.

Sgt David Jordan, pictured kneeling by the Daniel's headstone, was Daniel's Sergeant. If you look closely you will see a purple heart pinned to his blouse. David came to Minneapolis to visit the family and Daniel when his picture was taken at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

We have used the Captain Democracy picture in a number of different items we have produced because it really tells the story of what we do. You know the old saying "A picture says 1,000 words." Solemn, in dark glasses, in all kinds of weather, with our flag held proudly, we stand in Honor, Dignity, and Respect.


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